What do your fears reveal?

“Fear is excitement with the brakes on.” – Marie Forleo

I recently heard this quote from Marie Forleo on a podcast, and I’ve been sitting with it for days.

If fear reflects the inverse of desire, then this is a phenomenal roadmap to a thrilling life. I’m afraid of failing in…because really I desire to be successful in…

Fear wouldn’t be present (or at least recurring) if there weren’t also a latent desire.

What do your fears reveal about your desires?

Here are some of my own fears, and what I (think) they reveal about my desires.

I’m afraid of my love for travel getting in the way of building my business.
—> I would love for travel to accelerate my business growth.

I’m afraid of sharing my goals and then looking bad if I don’t reach them.
—> I would love to invite my friends and community into my journey.

I’m afraid of not finding someone to partner in life with.
—> I am excited to clarify my vision for relationship and to meet someone to grow with and alongside.

I’m afraid of living everywhere and nowhere at the same time.
—> I love fostering relationships both virtual and in-person such that I can have an ever-expanding circle of humans and relationships wherever I am in the world.

I’m afraid of running out of money.
—> I desire financial independence, freedom, stability. I desire money as a resource beyond an oxygen mask and into something I can build and be generous with.

Rooting for you,