Stop should-ing yourself

Have you ever gotten to the end of a night out and said, “well, I should get going..”

To which people immediately responded, “no! stay a little longer! do you really have to?”

And then ensues a protracted back and forth about what you ‘should’ do when you already know full-well what you want to do – go home and change into PJs, cozy for bed.

How often do you hear yourself say, “I should” in a day?
…I should really get going…
…I should wake up earlier…
…I should call my family more often…
…I should start eating better…

These well-intentioned thoughts show up laden with guilty, shame, lateness.
You should, but you haven’t yet.
You should, but you’re not sure you really want to (but you’ll still keep it on your list and feel bad about it in the meantime).

Should…according to who? Who are you placing in charge of your life when you abstract to ‘should’?

Take your list of ‘shoulds’, and run it through a filter:
– is this something you’re committed to?
– if yes, is this something you’re committed to right now?
– if yes, what’s the first step?

I should wake up earlier
…I will up 10 minutes earlier every day for a week until I am regularly rising with my alarm (no snoozing) so that I create quiet time for myself before my day starts.

What ‘should’ do you want to transform, and into what? for what purpose?
What ‘should’ will cross off your list and stop hanging over yourself?

Rooting for you,