This is how I finish the year strong

If you’re watching the World Cup, you know that over time can be the most dangerous, and valuable, part of the game. Korea scored in the last minutes of overtime against Portugal, saving them from being sent home and advancing them to the Knockout Round over Uruguay.

Japan was down 1-0 at halftime against Spain, and already the announcers were sending their condolences on the end of their World Cup run. Within 10 minutes of the second half, Japan equalized and, moments later, scored again, taking the lead over Spain, a European football heavyweight. They held strong to win the game and advance out of the Group Stage ahead of Germany.

And this morning, Croatia sent Japan home after 26 minutes of overtime (116 minutes total play time) leading into a nail-biting penalty shootout.

It’s not over til it’s over. (I’d like to believe this for Korea, who is currently down 4-0 to Brazil at halftime, but that might actually be over…holding out for a consolation goal).

It’s the last stretch, the final minutes of the game, the final weeks of the year, that can be the most important.

How do you want to finish out 2022?

Here are the tools I use to play out my final weeks to finish the year strong and set myself up well for the New Year.


  1. It’s December 31st. What 3 things will I be thrilled to have gotten done this month?
  2. For each of those 3 things, what is one nuclear step I can take TODAY towards completion?

Here’s mine: Double my email list by NYE. First step: Share my lead magnet in 3 new places today (linked in the “p.s.” at the bottom of this email!”

2023 Visioning/Dream-space
What do you want to experience in 2023? Spend 30 minutes freewriting everything that comes up for you. Give yourself longer than you think, pen and paper with no distractions, to allow ideas to surface from your subconscious into your conscious. Consider physical, mental, + emotional health, income, relationships, career, community, hobbies + creative expression, and travel + fun.

Here are a few that took me by surprise as I was writing mine:

  • Plan and host a yoga wellness retreat somewhere tropical
  • Find a way to see my brother in China after 3 years of closed borders
  • Double my coaching revenue
  • Master handstand balances
  • Launch a series of accountability/focused work sessions with a donation-based “buy-in” to fund food packages for Afghans
  • Learn how to salsa
  • Create a virtual memorial for my grandfather, who died during Covid lockdowns

Capture your ideas! Make note of your ideas before they become regrets. Pick one that energizes you and take the first step (enthusiasm has a half-life, and action creates momentum).

Rooting for you and a vibrant year ahead! xx