The 2-min Journal Method

Build a consistent journaling habit with this 2-minute template.

I often start strong with ALL of the things I want to journal, but then it doesn’t last. I set myself up to fail with too many requirements to get through, and as soon as I hit a busy day, I decide it will take too much time and end up throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Instead, here’s a baseline to start from, and then any other journal prompts can be a bonus on top if/when you choose to. Happy #journaling!

You need 2 things to be successful:

  1. a clear goal
  2. consistent action

Consistent action results in data, which helps you either achieve your goal, or refine your strategy.

Use this simple, low-effort system to stay clear on your goals, avoid distractions, and achieve faster results.

Here’s to more mental freedom AND faster growth!

The 2-min Journal Method

1. Set Priorities

Max 3 in one day.

  1. Priority 1
  2. Priority 2
  3. Priority 3

2. Add Tasks

Max. 2 tasks/priority, unless you only have 1-2 priorities for today, in which case add up to 3 tasks)

  • Priority 1:
    • Item 1:
    • Item 2:
    • Item 3:
  • Priority 2:
    • Item 1:
    • Item 2:
    • Item 3:
  • Priority 3:
    • Item 1:
    • Item 2:

3. Gratitude

Generate daily positivity + happiness through gratitude.

  • Today, I am grateful for x…
  • and also y…
  • as well as z…

BONUS: Minor Tasks

Keep note of additional low-effort tasks that you can pull from in pockets of excess time/energy.

  • Task 1
  • Task 2
  • Task 3
  • Task 4
  • Task 5

BTS: Jen’s 2-min

If, like me, it helps to see an example – here’s mine!

P1: Coaching Client Care

  • Respond to client Voxer messages
  • 30-min brainstorming going above-and-beyond

P2: Coaching Bizdev

  • Batch 3 instagram posts
  • Draft newsletter email

P3: Afghanistan work

  • 1-hour replying to emails
  • 30-min situational awareness (news, slack)

Grateful for: being in China, quality time with my brother, prevalence of oat-milk lattes in Shanghai

Minor Tasks

  • Book SHA-HKG flight
  • Book LA hotel
  • Message new VA
  • Taobao gift for niece